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PHO-LICIOUS (rice noodle soup with homemade meatball slices, filet, and brisket in a beef & chicken combo broth base.)
Vermicelli Boom Cha Y'all (homemade crispy eggrolls, served cooler noodles/room temp with lemongrass flavlored beef and shrimp with our house savory fish lime sauce)
Hot n Mild spiced wonton egg noodle soup with shrimp n pork combo dumplings.
Lo Mein noodles
Bergens BBQ pull pork fried rice
Fu manchung wings 6 pieces
KETO  noodle stiry fry using yam noodles aka shirataki noodles with coconut amino sauce.

Our Pho ("fuh") is the our own FU style Vietnamese rice noodle soup that is stewed for hours overnight, & is savory and delicious to the last drop. We also have our Hot n Mild spiced Dumpling egg noodle soup that will not disappoint.


From our Thai inspired Phat Thai to Stir Fu lo mein noodles, or dry ramen noodle stir fry, you have several noodles dishes here to try out! Enjoy!


 Our yummy appetizers are some of our family favorites & are meant to be shared. We hope you enjoy our homemade crispy Flying Eggrolls and Crabby Cream rolls. Not to mention OUR Wings!

Lunch Specials

Everyday from 11:15-2:15 pm

  • L1 Eloisa’s House Fried Rice 

  • L2 Bergen BBQ Pork Fried Rice 

  • L3 Stir Fu Manoodles 

  • L4 Beef Vermicelli Boom Cha Y’all 

  • L4C Chicken Vermicelli Boom Ch Y’all 

  • L6 Phat Thai 

  • L7 Chicha-Currylish 

  • L10 Veggie Fried Rice 

  • L11 Broke A$$ Ramen 

  • L13 Basil Beef Stir Fry 

  • L13C Basil chicken Stir Fry 

*Dine In Only *


Chef Taylor Chung's story

Taylor and his wife, along with two young daughters left Vietnam in the middle of the night on a fisherman's boat, in search of freedom. They left behind their youngest daughter, who was only 11 months old and severely sick with her grandmother. After being chased while dodging pirate ships, throwing the deceased overboard, and bailing water out from the leaks under the boat, they hit the sandy beaches of Phillipines after several days out at sea. They looked up into the clear blue skies and just gave thanks to whomever was watching out for them. That whomever was God, who they later received as their personal Saviour while stationed at the refugee camp. After some time at 2 different refugee camps, they were sponsored by an old friend to Oklahoma. Four months later, they were able to save enough money from lawn mowing jobs to buy a used car. Taylor drove his family up to Ames, Iowa, where they met up with some friends who were on the same boat. Ames became their home for the next 30 years. Eleven years after his departure from Vietnam, their youngest daughter reunited with them in Ames. Fast forward, all their children grew up and became successful in their post college careers, and Taylor and his wife became empty nesters. Taylor has always had a passion for cooking, as he has cooked for all the Vietnamese Christian church conferences and special events. So they decided to pick up and move south to warmer Texas, to get away from the cold winters with the hope and dream of opening their own little restaurant to share their favorite meals. Hence, after one year of exploring Houston and making it their new home, Fu Manchung was born.

As of 9/1/2023, new ownership will take over as Chef Taylor retires after six years at the kitchen helm here. We would sincerely like to thank all that have passed through and for your local small business support over the years. The new owners, are also a small family with the same dream we had years ago of owning a small family ran restaurant. We leave the original stories of the owners here so that you can understand how Fu Manchung came to life. 

Lets welcome the new owners, with a grace filled heart and continue to support family local businesses all around. The name and menu will stay intact for the most part, and we wish y'all many blessings in this life's journey. 

Chef Taylor & Paul


 Paul's story

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Paul always dreamed of doing many things in life. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems and worked for 10 years at a life insurance company doing mainframe programming, developing databases, and wrapped up his corporate career as an Information Systems Resource Manager. One day he decided to leave and pursue wedding photography. Not knowing a thing about cameras or wedding portraits, he shadowed Taylor for a year, who was his mentor, and eventually would soon become his father in-law. It was through this chapter that he was able to express his art and creativity through documenting and capturing life's moments. Once he accomplished this challenge, it was time to move on to another challenge of running his own restaurant some day as he loves to eat, who doesn't? This is where the current chapter is being written and taking on a new path for the next few years. Paul knew Taylor had a passion for cooking, from endless family gatherings to many church conference events, so Paul asked him if he'd like to partner up. They both packed up and moved south to Texas and will be bringing their family favorite dishes to share with this community. We have never ran or owned a restaurant before, so you are now a part of this new chapter and journey ahead with us. We are grateful and thankful to each of you and your support! Share a smile today. Blessings.






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